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Wealth Strategies for FamiliesWe believe that we must focus first on learning how to maximize our wealth by avoiding unnecessary losses before we focus on where to put our money. Sadly, most financial professionals are not trained to help us in this area.

The key services that Southern Financial Group provides individuals focuses on the two largest wealth transfers: mortgages and taxes. A dollar paid in taxes unnecessarily not only costs you that dollar, but also costs you what the dollar could have earned had you not given it away.

To increase one’s accumulated money, the focus is usually on finding better investments that pay a higher rate of return, often requiring increasing the level of risk in the process. But there are many ways to increase your wealth; one way is to be more efficient with the money you already have.

While it is certainly true that higher returns and better investments can often increase your wealth, the focus on Rate of Return may not always produce the desired results.

Wealth Strategies for families

We’re not saying that you should not seek investments that pay higher returns. However, making this your sole focus can turn out to be detrimental and unnecessarily risky. We’ve all heard that over the long haul, the stock market is likely to return favorable investment results. We agree with that in theory, but few advisers will talk with you about the transferred money problems that can exist in these investments. Success in the market takes time, energy, and knowledge that many small investors do not possess. Could that money be lost in a legal judgment? Will the market be up or down when you need the money? Will you have to pay taxes when you access your funds? Will hoped-for returns be realized? These are great questions that you should be asking before you consider any financial product. The lack of systematic savings can tempt you to take unnecessary investment risks.

A golf analogy may give you a clearer picture of this dilemma. Moving from one financial product to another in search of the best product is the equivalent of buying a new set of clubs to improve your golf game. While it is important to have good clubs, the greatest effect on your game will come from perfecting your swing. The answer is in the process, not the product. Let’s assume that we are going to send you to play in the Masters, the premier U. S Golf tournament. We have two things to offer and you can choose one: You can have the clubs of any player who has ever played a round of golf, or you can have their ability.

Which would you choose? Of course, you would want their ability (their swing). What is it that financial institutions deliver? Clubs or swings? They have products to sell, which we are going to call the clubs. You are going to need clubs to play but having the correct swing is of more value. Having the correct swing financially can mean that you have avoided unnecessary wealth transfers, making your money perform at its maximum potential, doing all it can do. Unfortunately, many advisers focus on the clubs and not the swing.

Our focus is to help individuals increase their wealth by avoiding areas where they could be transferring money away without affecting their present lifestyle.


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