About Southern Financial Group

Southern Financial Group, Inc. educates individuals who seriously want to be prudent with their money.

Today there are approximately 746,000 licensed financial representatives in this country representing over 7,000 banks, nearly 1,000 brokerage firms, and 2,300 insurance companies. The numbers of public accountants and lawyers are legion. Yet with all the benefits of “professional” assistance in navigating through the maze of tax laws, and the fine print on financial products and risk variables in investment prospectuses, the individual person feels betrayed and vulnerable more than ever before. Unfortunately, the financial services industry is filled with those who would advise you to take unnecessary risk with your money.

What makes Southern Financial Group, Inc. any different? First and foremost, we believe that it is more important that you understand HOW money works before choosing a specific financial product. We put an emphasis on educating our clients about the three types of money: Accumulated, Lifestyle, and Transferred money. Most people narrowly focus on accumulated money, when the real culprit in preventing them from building long term wealth is transferred money. Transferred money is money that you most likely are transferring away unknowingly and unnecessarily. We believe the first place to start is by eliminating these unnecessary wealth transfers.

Gaining the knowledge of how to recapture the money you are currently losing unknowingly and unnecessarily is a prudent goal before you consider taking on more risk. The two largest wealth transfers are taxes and your mortgage. Focusing on increasing wealth through making higher returns on your investments is the equivalent of trying to fill a bucket with holes by pouring more in. Would you do that? Of course not. First, plug the holes and the bucket will fill even if the flow is just a trickle. So, how do you plug the holes in your financial bucket? Avoiding unnecessary transfers is a great place to begin.

One must also understand the power of leverage, and having complete liquidity, use, and control of your money TODAY. Lastly, it is imperative to understand opportunity cost. Once you understand these fundamental truths, you will learn to make your one dollar earn ten, instead of what Wall Street has taught us which is to make ten dollars earn one.